“We are helping Florida businesses and families protect their livelihood,

reputation, and legacy.”

Jimmy Waller, Principal

  • Florida’s Construction Agent
  • 4th Generation Floridian
  • Florida Licensed Building Contractor Since July 1999
  • Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker Since November 2003
  • Completed 3,500+ construction projects as an Owner of Waller Construction

Our Mission

Protect, Serve and Champion America’s best businesses and families.


1) to vigorously defend 2) to consistently support and uphold the cause of 3) to tenaciously argue for a position on behalf of someone else 4) to boldly advocate 5) to proudly promote

Waller Insurance Billboard

Our Culture

Boldly impact the lives of our Team, our Clients, our Carrier Partners, and our Communities. Exhibit a spirit of ”esprit de corps”, stewardship and excellence at all times. Deliver a celebrated Client experience of refreshing transparency, compelling value, and authentic partnership. Finally, create long-standing platforms of innovation and possibility for all relationships associated with our Agency.

Our History

I am a part of a 5th generation Lakeland family. Growing up in a family-owned construction business taught me the principles of work ethic, transparency, craftsmanship, helping others and passion for what you do. Our family specializes in the remodeling of commercial and residential properties via Waller Construction since 1961. We have a dynamic family culture that has helped over 30,000 customers transform their property investments. I have personally worked with customers regarding their claim management needs and assisted them through the navigation of this process – over 3,500 per my 27-year career.


Our Work of Service

We strive to boldly impact the financial position of our clients by protecting their assets, and assist with their return on investment and therefore earn their loyalty and trust. All the while becoming the premier partner & provider of insurance, financial and risk management solutions.

Our Future

Our Agency will continue to have significant growth in the areas of commercial and personal insurance exposures. In addition, we have the infrastructure, expertise and drive to continue our definitive rise in our market share via our unique construction background and partnership advisor approach. We will continue to be Florida’s Construction Agency on all fronts, including the largest Group Captive Agency in the Florida marketplace.

Our Calling

We are grateful to be an Agency that has chosen a methodology of integrity, craftsmanship, loyalty, and innovation. We believe in the institute of hard work, grit, determination and the American Spirit. Most of all, we are committed to a faith-based culture and practice.


Our Affiliations

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