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Group Captive Insurance - Smart Captive

The industry needs transparency. It needs someone to champion their best interest and, most importantly, it needs a real return on investment for best-in-practice companies. That’s what we deliver.


Only Florida Approved Agency

Real Control & Sustainability

Best Practices Sharing / Networking

Up to 64% Return on Premium

Dynamic Service Platform

Family Business Focused


Full Transparency

Proven Claims Management Experience

Champion the Client™

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What is Group Captive?

Maximize Reward, Minimize Risk

A member-owned group captive is made up of various like-minded businesses that come together to form their own insurance company. Captive insurance puts YOU in control of your individual premiums and returns. You’re not renting insurance, you own it.


  • Best in class companies
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Committed to loss control & safety
  • Understanding the “risk for reward”
  • Desire more control & stability
  • Pays $250,000 for more in premiums


  • Long term business strategy
  • Control & stability
  • Enhanced claims experience
  • Transparency
  • Peer group support & sharing
  • Improve safety culture
  • Profitability

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