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Life is about more than just work, if you have a motorcycle, boat, jet skis, RV, or travel trailers, you know that. While we know that you love taking fun to the max, we don’t want you to miss out on making more memories with your friends and family, doing the things you enjoy, because you didn’t have the right protection.

One accident without the right insurance coverage could mean devastating costs, huge stress, and potentially losing your recreational vehicle.

Without the right amount coverage you could be vulnerable to these risks:

Risk Prevention

If you are at fault for a accident, and underinsured, your savings and future income could be at risk

Full Coverage

If your policy covers $50 K but the damages reach $200 K, you’ll be left making up the difference

Safe And Secure

You can enjoy your boat, RV, motorcycle, etc, knowing you and your loved ones are fully protected!

Peace of Mind

You could spend years reliving the experience as you struggle to pay for damages your policy failed to protect you from.

Getting Peace of Mind

Working with an independent and local insurance agent will take the hassle away from you. You can get the best options, plans, and prices that are tailor-made specifically to you. Get the peace of mind to know you are protected but never overpaying. 

Something about losing future memories with your friends and family


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  • Receive various quotes with the best bundles, tailored to your needs
  • Get the best pricing, your agent is loyal to you, not an insurance company
  • Make sure you aren’t overpaying
  • Identify gaps in your insurance that leave you vulnerable.

Customer Reviews

“Jimmy is the guy you want for an agent when things get tough.  We had a claim 2 years ago.  He was in constant contact with me and the insurance company just to make sure we were being taken care of properly.  It's reassuring to know your agent truly cares about you and genuinely wants to EARN your business.  Let's face it…that's a rare quality these days.”

Grey Clary

“Waller Insurance is the go to place for all of your insurance needs. Jimmy and his team aggressively handled my questions and needs involving: risk, liability, works comp,  health, and commercial automotive. They even made recommendations for payroll management. They were professional and highly competitive with rates.”

Chad Ripply

 “I have switched my auto, homeowners, and term life policy over to Waller Insurance due to the phenomenal savings and service they were able to provide. They took the time to explain what I was getting on each policy which is very important as sometimes it’s hard to know what you’re actually signing up for and what exactly you need. Thank you again Waller team, many referrals coming your way!”

Darla Basen Kofler