Workers’ Compensation is an insurance policy that protects your business from financial loss when an employee suffers work-related injury or illness.

It is important for your employees to have peace of mind knowing that if the worst case scenario should occur, they are looked after. These policies also help employers cover out-of-pocket expenses in these situations. Workers’ Compensation provides safety and security for you and your employees.

Worker’s Compensation covers:

-missed wages during recovery

-medical expenses incurred

-vocational rehabilitation

-death benefits, such as funeral costs

Workers’ Compensation policies are state-mandated. Therefore, every state has different requirements and rules. Florida’s Workers’ Compensation laws state that everyone who is working for anyone else, must be covered by a Workers’ Compensation policy.

What injuries does Workers’ Compensation cover?

-driving accidents

-heavy lifting

-slips and falls

-illness from chemicals

-and other work-related injury or illness

What does Workers’ Compensation not cover?


-malicious intent


-wrongful termination

For coverage in these lawsuits, employers need liability insurance.